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NT&S, through its Iraqi subsidiary Surat Al Tawseel and in cooperation with Track24, has been awarded a contract to supply, install, and operate 215 IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) units to the fleet of client-owned vehicles in the Majnoon Oil Field, Iraq. In addition to the IVMS solution, NT&S has deployed a personnel tracking application called Smart24.

Scope of Work

The scope of the service includes the provision of IVMS units with Data SIM cards for use in vehicles operating in Majnoon. IVMS units are capable of monitoring drivers’ performance with respect to seat belt compliance, speeding, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, and driving hours. Additional features also include GPS mapping and geo-fencing.


  • Supply and installation of 200+ IVMS units with on-site and remote support and one-year warranty. The service includes the provision of spare parts and Data SIM Cards.
  • NT&S in cooperation with Track24, has provided a custom-built tracking dashboard to enhance the reporting standards. The key features include:
    • Provision of automated feedback to the drivers on their performance and speed violations.
    • Integration of data feeds including the reports from the field into Shell’s Global Business Analytics System.
  • Provision of Smart24, which is the mobile application transforming employees’ smartphones into personal safety devices. The features of the app include:
    • Encrypted information about the current location of the workforce updated via GPRS to the online monitoring dashboard.
    • Ability to trigger an emergency alert via a button or shake to notify about a problem.
    • Check-in and heartbeat reports when tracking is not active.
    • Compatibility with iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

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