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Fleet management for light vehicles comprising procurement and rental of vehicles, provision of drivers and maintenance. This contract has been novated to NT and S Energy Limited with Shell and SOC approval. As part of this programme NT&S managed and operated a bespoke design – build workshop facility. We provided Routine and Preventative Maintenance.

Contract Duration: 2012-2016
Project Value: $6m
Contract Name: SIPD 201

SIPD 201 Provision, Operations and Maintenance of Light Passenger Vehicles

As part of this programme NT and S Energy manages and operates a bespoke design – build workshop facility. Within the Workshop we provided Routine and Preventative Maintenance for all Majnoon Utility Vehicles including:

  • Full service (oil change, liquid topped, replace all filters, battery, wipers, tires) regard-ing to the mileage/period with genuine parts. All non routine maintenance and break-downs.
  • Fleet management through generation of comprehensive reporting, KPI, monthly and weekly inspection with follow up sheet for all found defects.
  • Employment and management of 80 local drivers.