Renewable Energy Solutions

NT&S has the capability to offer solar power solutions, including off-grid systems, hybrid units and advances EOR technologies to various sectors with the focus on the oil and gas industry.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

We design and engineer custom Solar Power Systems for oilfield services, gas pipelines, off-shore drilling, injection sites, wellhead locations and related oil and gas service companies. We specialise in developing custom off-grid systems, including both small and large-scale systems for industrial customers in the oil and gas, telecommunications, security, water management, and other sectors.

Hybrid Solar Solutions

We can undertake an assessment of your diesel generator power setup and recommend a feasible hybrid PV system solution that would offer you substantial savings on fuel consumption and reduce the requirement for fuel transportation, hence decrease HSE risks.

Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Support Services

NT&S has established a relationship with Frenell for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) solutions in the EOR sector. Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is widely used to increase crude oil extraction from matured oil fields. Major sun-belt regions like Oman, Kuwait, and Egypt have long used the technology as part of their extraction approach.

Currently, natural gas is used to produce steam that is injected into a well to heat the heavy oil thereby enabling it to flow more easily to the pump well by reducing its viscosity and surface tension.

The process is energy intensive. It consumes about 20% of the energy contained in the total quantity of all the oil extracted to generate the required steam for EOR alone.

FRENELL’s DMS® system can be applied here to replace up to 100% of the gas consumed for EOR thereby lowering the carbon foot print of today’s oil production. The existing gas boilers can be maintained in idle mode as a backup capacity for periods with insufficient solar radiation to cover the steam demand.

The main advantage of FRENELL’s DMS® over other CSP applications in the EOR sector is its ability to deliver of solar generated steam from storage on demand around the clock as per the oil field operator requirements.

In addition, due to its higher temperature of up to 550°C DMS® CSP in contrast to 300°C state of the art solar EOR technologies can be further used for power generation once oil fields are fully depleted, thus mitigating the risk of stranded investments

Do not hesitate to contact the NT&S team if you are searching for an investment, country support or technological partner in a potential solar power project across the globe.

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