Workover and Completions

NT&S Oilfield Services provide a broad range of workover and completion fluid chemicals as well as the associated well site handling and filtration services in order to maximize well productivity and minimize downhole tool and equipment mechanical failures.

NT&S Oilfield Services has a large fleet of vacuum trucks and brine plant in order to:

  • Safely prepare, mix and store the workovers and completion fluids
  • Transport and handle them before, during and after the operations
  • Recover and recondition the fluids in order to be reused

Our heavy-duty pressurized vacuum trucks and trailers follow the highest environmental standard and can be fully cleaned to ensure no fluid contamination. NT&S Oilfield Services design, build and operate 24/7 brine plant according to the most demanding Health and Safety standard. Our staff has a strong track record for keeping a clean environment on its site.

We can provide simple Dual Cartridge units up to combined trailer mounted DE filter press with all necessary accessories. Our Filtration engineers are here to design, operate and ensure the quality of a service that will exceed your expectations:

  • Removes wide range of solid sizes and high dirt loads, up to 10000PPM
  • Treats high flow rates up to 10 – 25 BPM
  • Produce clean brine up 2 micron absolute Beta5000 and NTU < 10NTU

We provide the following chemicals: Calcium Chloride, Ammonium Chloride, Calcium Bromide, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Bromide, Sodium Chloride and Specialized additives well as well as HCL and NACL for acid operations.

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